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Pieter Poot
Wining, dining & adventure!

Just like Christopher Columbus who suddenly saw the mainland rising from the raging sea and Isaac Newton who saw a falling apple, you have discovered us. Just as Marco Polo and Abel Tasman it took you some time to find us, but you did it. This is your discovery of the century. You are at Pieter Poot.

Because this is the place where you can eat delicious food. With the two of you, but also with small or large groups. This is the place where conviviality is the magic word, the place where you can relax, enjoy food, drinks and each other’s presence.

This is also the place where you can play with friends, family and colleagues. A place where you can attempt to Escape from Las Vegas, want to be the fastest team at Break in Battle, and perhaps you combine it with a game of paintball, backlight golf, or join a variety of other exciting activities for people of all ages.

And then this is also the place where they will arrange an entire day or evening for you and your company. Where everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Whether you go with a small group or with your whole company, this place ensures that has fun and enjoys every moment.

These three parts come together at Pieter Poot: wining, dining and adventure!